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Tyler Smith

Never Worry About Money Again

I invite you to a complimentary coaching session, which you can book below. You can also hear from some of my amazing clients and contact me at the bottom of this page.

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"Tyler is worth every penny. My self-confidence has grown as has my ability to handle my own financial matters. Tyler is a phenomenal advisor--he is responsive, prompt, honest, and really cares about the financial health of his clients without being judgmental."

Alyssa Fein

Tyler was knowledgeable, empathetic, and patient as we worked through building a budgeting habit. I now feel in greater command of my finances, which has lowered my stress levels and improved my relationship with money and budgeting. I highly recommend Tyler as a coach. Before, I didn’t know where money was going and was feeling like finances were out of control. Now I feel less overwhelmed and more confident with my finances and YNAB. I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

Mike Vardy

Before, I had no view of my financial future and no control over it. Now I can chart a path to freedom, and I know what I must do to get there. It is a wonderful and beautiful thing to have hope and control over my financial future. Tyler is a great coach and a man of integrity and humility.

Michael Thein

Before working with Tyler, I was experiencing problems understanding my monthly cashflow and calculating my overall budget. I loved getting into the details of YNAB, and I am now so much more responsible in transacting all my money!

Creed Wardrop

I work in finance, and budgets are not a new concept to me. However, I've struggled finding a tool that I can successfully use for personal finance. The concepts and steps Tyler taught us while utilizing the YNAB platform have been easy to implement and allowed us to understand where our money is going and how to take control of where we want it to be spent. Tyler is easy to work with and understanding of wherever you are in the budgeting process. I highly recommend using YNAB, and Tyler does a great job making sure you are getting everything out of the platform that it has to offer!

Andrew Smith

As a couple, we could not get our budget created. I could have kept trying to Google/Reddit all my questions and stumble my way through it, but Tyler’s understanding of the philosophy, the UI, and his abilities as a coach empowered us to complete the budget ourselves and adopt the habits necessary to succeed. We enjoyed the comfort and confidence of knowing we had a guide who was committed to our success and helped us have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Our ability to problem solve has improved, and I’ve gotten better at simplifying and not letting the details stop me from taking action. I would most definitely recommend Tyler as a coach!


Tyler is very knowledgable and competent, but more importantly very calm and understanding. He has a great energy and sense of ease.

Hanife Cakici

I’m an experienced budgeter, but some new financial realities had me feeling mixed up and confused to the point of despair. Tyler helped me begin again and built my confidence to become self-sufficient. He understands where you’re coming from and doesn’t impose his own agenda. Tyler is a clear, helpful coach with patience and encouragement to spare. Thank you Tyler!

Lucy Norman

I was using a spreadsheet to budget. I wanted to try out the YNAB app to help me get rid of the spreadsheet, but some of the features didn't make sense to me. I contacted Tyler to help me set up the system. He helped me set up targets and combine all of our checking and savings into one system. This has changed the way we budget and it's awesome! Tyler was very very patient with me and helped me with every step along the way. Our money is now a month old and we are loving our new budgeting lifestyle. Thanks, Tyler!

Marcus Voght

I am a budgeting beginner and had questions about what amounts to budget and how to save using budget categories. Tyler is very knowledgeable about YNAB and helped walk through the steps I was struggling with. He is also very kind! I love the 1 on 1 aspect of having Tyler look at my work, ask questions, and offer suggestions.

Sandi English

Before our coaching sessions began, my finances were in disarray. I was struggling to get a clear picture of my expenses and felt constantly overwhelmed by debts. My anxiety about money affected my relationships and prevented me from pursuing my entrepreneurial goals. Our sessions eliminated the constant anxiety I used to feel about money. Even though I'm still on my journey to financial independence, I no longer worry about every paycheck or unexpected expense. I can focus my energy on productive ventures and future opportunities. Tyler's judgment-free, open approach allowed me to openly discuss my difficult and uncomfortable financial concerns. I've learned how to discuss money matters with empathy, honesty, and a deep understanding, making it less of a taboo and more of an open conversation. This has deeply enriched my most important relationships and fostered a healthier environment at home. The lessons learned and skills developed through this journey are invaluable and will be cherished and utilized for a lifetime.

Timothy Atapagra

Tyler is extremely kind and helpful! My personal finances were getting confusing because I had too many bank accounts, and I was having a hard time getting an overview of my expenses and goals. Working with Tyler I gained clarity. I feel calmer and less stressed about my finances now. I have a sense of confidence that things aren’t as dire as I thought they were. I’m extremely happy to have Tyler as a contact if I need more in the future!

Mirina Landry

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